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What Is A Camfrog?

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What Is A Camfrog?

Post  oO0__SENATOR__0Oo on Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:18 pm

Camfrog isnít a webcam site, as such, but it is a great way to see chicks naked on camera for free! Camfrog is actually a program that you download and install on your computer. Once youíve done that, you can start chatting with girls from all over the world and watch them on webcam. In this way it is more similiar to something like Yahoo Messenger or MSN than it is to iFriends or LiveJasmin.

But let me make one thing clear right away: these girls are just like you, people sitting at their computers wanting to have a little fun. They arenít paid to do anything, and the moderators in the chat rooms donít really like it if you get too pushy or start telling people what to do (although you can go private and do whatever you like). If you have your own webcam, you can even turn it on and let people see you (and get naked too, if you want ó think of it as a contribution to society).

Camfrog gives you two options for webcamming. First, there are the chat rooms (both adult and non-adult). Here, you can talk with everyone and, by clicking on someoneís name, view their cam (if they have one turned on; some rooms require cams). The other option is to IM someone (which is more like ďgoing privateĒ on a site like flirt4free). In this way, Camfrog works just like Yahoo Messenger or AIM, allowing you to talk one on one and share your webcam with others.

Oh, and yes, Camfrog is truly free. However, like CameraWare, the free version isnít quite as good as the pro version. Unlike CameraWare, though, where the free version has horrible quality and is basically unusable, the free Camfrog program is pretty good. It has two limitations: you can only view one webcam at a time, and you canít enlarge the webcam window. The window is a little on the small side, yes, but itís not too small. You can still see all of the action pretty easily. Camfrog Pro also has some other features that make it worth the one-time fee of $49.95 (yes, you only have to pay once, while with CameraWare, you have to renew your license periodically).

Like I said, everyone on Camfrog is a normal person, and thereís no way to easily sort through the people online. That means itís very hard to find someone using toys. I have seen one girl use toys on the site once, and that was some time ago. I wish it was easier to find girls with toys, but as it is, you just have to try each cam (sometimes, itís even difficult to find a girl who is naked).

But still, I really like Camfrog. There may be no girls with toys on it, but the fact that you can chat for free is great, and itís fun to hook up your own webcam and let the girls watch you while you watch them.

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